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How to Prepare for Your First Tattoo

If you’re interested in preparing for the process of receiving your first tattoo, it’s important that you remain well prepared so that you can enjoy a procedure that will be as painless as possible. Here are some of the top ways that you can prepare for a tattoo appointment so that you can make sure you can be happy with the design and safe through the process. 

Consider the design:

Schedule a consultation appointment and before you visit a tattoo artist, think about the overall design you may want, the placement for that design and consider bringing together some photos that can be used as inspiration. You may have a complete design prepared or you might have to consult with a tattoo artist to get something drawn up. 

Get physically ready for the appointment:

Make sure to take care of yourself before you go into your first session. Stay well hydrated and never drink alcohol before going in to get a tattoo. Avoid blood thinners like aspirin and consider rescheduling if you are sick. 

Get comfortable:

Bring along snacks or headphones if you’d like to stay comfortable during your tattoo session. Depending on how elaborate your tattoo is, you could be in the chair for an hour or even several hours depending on the agreement you have with your tattoo artist. Wearing loose clothing so that your tattoo artist can access the area you are being tattooed can be important too. Make sure that the clothing you decided to wear is comfortable for you to be sitting in for a long period of time. Eating a good meal before you go in can also help to settle your stomach.

Prepare your skin:

Make sure that your skin is clean and moisturized before you go into your appointment. You will also want to protect your skin leading up to the appointment as a sunburn could make the process of your tattoo painful. 

Get what you need for aftercare:

Your tattoo artist will provide you with aftercare instructions this will likely include the need for new bandages, moisturizer and skin cleaner. 

This post was written by J Michael Taylor. J Michael Taylor is an artist and owner of Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery. Black Amethyst is the best amongst tattoo shops in Clearwater FL. They provide an art-first approach to custom tattooing in a gallery setting. 

Tips and Tricks from Experts on Taking Top Tier Makeup Courses in Dubai

Dubai has become a hub for makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike. With the booming fashion and entertainment industries in the city, there has been a surge in the demand for top-tier makeup courses. The makeup industry is constantly evolving, and to keep up with the latest trends and techniques, it is crucial to enroll in a makeup course that offers expert guidance and training. In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks from experts on taking top-tier makeup courses in Dubai.

Research Your Options

Before enrolling in a makeup course, it is important to do thorough research on the available options. Look for schools and courses that have a good reputation in the industry and offer comprehensive training. Check out their website, read reviews, and reach out to their alumni to get an idea of the quality of education they provide. Make sure to choose a course that aligns with your career goals and aspirations.

Choose the Right Course

Makeup courses come in different formats, such as part-time, full-time, short-term, and long-term. Consider your schedule, budget, and career goals when choosing a course. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to start with a basic course that covers the fundamentals of makeup application. If you are already a professional makeup artist, consider enrolling in an advanced course that offers specialized training in areas like special effects, bridal makeup, and editorial makeup.

Invest in Quality Products

To become a skilled makeup artist, it is essential to invest in quality makeup products. Most makeup courses require students to bring their own makeup kits, so make sure to invest in high-quality products that are suitable for different skin types and tones. The right products will not only make your job easier but also enhance the quality of your work. Consult with your instructors and fellow students to get recommendations on the best products to use.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The key to becoming a skilled makeup artist is to practice as much as possible. Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your skills, whether it is on yourself, your friends, or models. Try out different techniques and experiment with different products to develop your own style. Consistent practice will help you gain confidence and refine your skills.

Take Advantage of Networking Opportunities

Networking is crucial in the makeup industry, and taking a makeup course is a great way to meet other professionals and industry experts. Attend industry events and workshops, connect with fellow students and instructors, and build relationships with makeup artists, photographers, and models. These connections can lead to job opportunities, collaborations, and mentorship.

Stay Up-to-Date with Industry Trends

The makeup industry is constantly evolving, and it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. Follow industry leaders and makeup influencers on social media, attend industry events, and read industry publications to keep abreast of the latest developments. This will help you stay relevant in the industry and offer your clients the latest makeup trends and styles.

Continued Education

Taking a makeup course is just the beginning of your journey as a makeup artist. Continued education is crucial to keep up with the latest trends and techniques and to stay relevant in the industry. Consider taking advanced courses, attending workshops and seminars, and pursuing certifications to enhance your skills and credentials.

In conclusion, taking a top-tier makeup course in Dubai can be a game-changer for your career as a makeup artist. By following the tips and tricks from experts, you can make the most of your education and develop your skills to become a successful makeup artist. Remember to research your options, choose the right course, invest in quality products, practice as much as possible, take advantage of networking opportunities, stay up-to-date with industry trends, and pursue continued education. With dedication and hard work, you can achieve your goals and become a top-tier makeup artist in Dubai.

Finding qualified money lenders in Singapore

It is very much important to do your in-depth research before opting for your preferred moneylender. Never make the mistake of falling into the trap of unprohibited money lenders a.k.a loan sharks or you might just end up sorrowing the bad outcomes along the way. While a loan shark might cultivate their supply of funds by dishonest means and get away with it, a legal money lender operates strictly under the Moneylender’s Act. Illegal money lending sources may run the risk of getting in trouble with the authorities if they illegally practice their business or fail to comply with expected norms. To avoid any adverse effects, it is better to rely on reliable sources so that it would not be risky for the borrowers in any situation.

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There are several qualified money lenders in Singapore:

Lending Bee Pte. Ltd.

It is a well-established financial association in Singapore that is committed to making a difference in how people access to credit. As a licensed money lender that was given the right by MinLaw to pilot alternate business models for money lending, Lending Bee proposes unsecured personal loans of up to $300 thousand and longer loan tenures up to 36 months. They are also highly technological in debt consolidation schemes.

Credit 21 Pte. Ltd.

It is one of the top lawful and licensed money lenders for personal loans in Singapore, licensed by the Ministry of Law. They are committed to ensuring the best interests of our clients, therefore they ensure that all their dealings are transparent to the borrowers. They have also designed their loan packages to suit the necessities of every client.

GS Credit Pte. Ltd.

It is one of the top licensed money lenders in Singapore, obtaining as an argument its slew of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers. Their uncommon selling proposition is their expert care for financially-challenged individuals in crises. That’s easy to see from GS Credit’s array of loan packages, including low-interest personal loans, foreigner loans, bridging loans, and payday loans.

Katong Credit Pte. Ltd.

It is a company built on trust and integrity and these features have helped them grow tremendously over the years. They have built a diverse pool of clients from all walks of life and this has helped them become one of the most preferred and certified money lenders in Singapore. Accessing a loan in Singapore with poor credit is horrifying. The banks will directly reject your application or charge high-interest rates.

How to identify the best money lender?

Different uncertainties always have an adverse effect on every person. If there is any uncertainty arises due to a shortage of funds when needed, then this situation can be shorted well only by finding sources from where money can be generated. Tough there are several sources from where funds can be generated as per need. But sometimes what you need is that trustworthiness. It can be possible that you may rely on a moneylender which is not appropriate. You should keep in mind certain things while choosing a financial lender these things are discussed further in the article.

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Here are the best ways to identify a correct money lender:

Research you requirements

The first foremost thing is to know about your requirements. It is a must needed that before going out and relying on someone you should research in detail about your requirements well. It means you must know that for what purpose you are seeking a loan, what amount you are trying to avail, alternative available options, detailed knowledge about the lender, etc these are certain things which one should consider before applying for a loan.

Know your lender

Through the deep research on each phase, you will get the answers to various important questions. Similarly, you will get to know about the lender from whom you are seeking a loan. It is a must thing to know about the lender to avoid any issues and misunderstandings in the upcoming future where you cant get victimized due to lack of information.

Compare benefits

As there are several money lenders available in the market now it is completely your lookout from whom you will seek the monetary help. For ease, you can compare the benefits you are getting from each option and opt for the one from where you are getting higher profits. It is simple higher the profit greater the interest. So it is good to opt for that money lender where you are getting the maximum number of benefits and most importantly that is a reliable source.

Assess the penalties and prepayment costs

It is a must to consider the rate of interest and tenure of the repayment of the loan. You should opt where the interest rate is fixed not floating. Similarly, the tenure should be according to your preference so that you will be able to repay in that decided period only.

The best sandal brands for men in 2020

In the new era and fashion trends, sandals have become an important item; for a men’s wardrobe. In shoes, that looks classy, but if you want your foot to be free and want your feet to be dirt-free, then sandals are the best choice for men. You can wear sandals in the rainy season, in winter as well as in summer. Sandals are the best for every season and provide comfort. Here is the list of the best sandal brands.

Alexander McQueen

This brand is inspired by Mcqueen’s home town, London. A man can wear this brand anywhere and anytime. This brand provides comfort to the next level. At home, this provides you with the extreme comfort and with a shirt and tie, it looks classy.


This brand is famous for manufacturing severe and long-lasting footwear. Woodland provides very high quality. Many people buy these sandals just by their brand name as they provide comfort and good for tough use. It is a trusted brand among its customers.


Gucci is the most recognized brand in history. There are unique designs with unique green and red stripes in their designs. When you wear it, you can feel the extreme pleasure of comfort. It is the most recognized brand in today’s world, as well.


Recently they have launched their new footwear named flip-flops. The sandals are made of eco-friendly material. This brand is getting a recognized platform and already has many followers. You will find comfort in this footwear, along with not harming the environment.


This brand has many varieties of sandals and floaters. This brand provides waterproof sandals that you can quickly wear in your daily use as well as in the rainy season. These are very affordable brands, and the sandals are available for all age groups.


You will find the fine leather in this brand of footwear. They are taking the market with their highly fashionable footwear. The sandals are very stylish and have much comfort in wearing them, and they take care of every sufficient detail and provide you with the best pair.

Red tape sandals

They offer a variety of classy footwear sandals that are long-lasting and are available in mainly three colours brown, black, and tan. The sandals have a soft footbed and are made up of genuine leather. You can find various stitching patterns on the outside of the footwear.

Proper jewellery etiquette for everyday life

People have been wearing jewellery for over the centuries to enhance their overall look or to make a fashion statement. While trends come and go, there are still some basic guidelines which are timeless. One of the most important things to remember is that you need to be aware of what is considered perfection for each situation and choose your jewellery accordingly.

Fashionistas know that accessorizing with jewellery can take an outfit from boring to one that will catch everyone’s eye. Just to make sure that the attention you’re getting is positive. The right accessories will always enhance your overall look and provide the fashion statement you want to project, but if you aren’t careful, you might destroy your appearance or distract from your wonderful personality. 

Many people may claim that “less is more,” but it isn’t always correct. There is some times when you should wear accessories which sparkle and shine; the key element is to know when that perfect time is.

Everyday Jewellery

Some jewellery is perfectly acceptable to wear all the time. For married women, one such item is the wedding band or the ring. If you like to keep track of time, and you prefer not to use mobile for that purpose, a wristwatch is always acceptable. A simple keepsake necklace or a pendant is another jewellery piece like toe ring  that can be worn most of the time.

Office Jewellery

When you choose women jewellery to wear to work, you should be careful. One should choose or select pieces that aren’t distracting or noisy. You can still show your individuality, but don’t wear anything which might offend the higher-ups or clients. Never wear heavy jewellery to your workplace.

Here are some dos and don’ts for office jewellery:

  • In a conservative office, it’s a good idea to stick to stud earrings and a simple necklace that matches your outfit.
  • In a less conservative office, you can wear stud earrings or small hoops, but be careful that they don’t sparkle too brightly or make noise when you move.
  • In a more creative environment, larger earrings are acceptable, but it’s still a good idea to select those that aren’t noisy and shiny or you’ll distract others. You never want to be that annoying person who jingles and jangles when they walk down the hall.
  • Don’t blind your colleagues with extra-large rhinestones. Save the flash for party hours.
  • Don’t wear noisy bracelets to the office. Stacking bangles or bracelets which clang against your desk when you’re at the keyboard can annoy your colleagues or boss. 
  • When you’re not sure if you’re wearing too much jewellery to the office, go with the minimal pieces possible. The perfect guide of office jewellery is that it’s okay to wear  a anklet bracelet, a ring, a pair of earrings, and a necklace. Anything more than that will be too much for most work environments.

Party Jewellery

When your office hour’s end and you’re going to a friend’s party on a Friday night, almost anything goes. If you enjoy clanging bangles and blinding bling, this is the time to wear it. Party doesn’t have any specific rules so go for what you want to wear.

Interior Decoration Tips for your Residence

Your residence becomes a home if you give it personally and try to do it. You must be careful when choosing decorative items that you place in your room and add a mood to it. Add some name brand furniture to your home and turn it into a heavenly abode.

Work on Your Windows

Adding the right window treatments can do anything. We are mainly in Roman colours with pleasant patterns. It is contrary to decoration 101, but sharing small patterns can be more comfortable on the eyes, and the interior designersrecommend the same.

Reupholster Your Furniture

By charging your furniture, the whole room is automatically updated. And if you like eclectic decor, record it in this chic living room. All the combinations in this room work very well – corner mirrors, bright orange art, marble fireplaces, rustic benches and geometric ceramics are unexpectedly complemented by the softness of pink and pink chairs.

Rethink Your Walls

If the wall in the hallway feels tired or unclear, add a wall to the gallery. Use antique frames or visit thrift stores or flea markets and arrange for many hand mirrors on the gallery wall.

Get Some New Lights

If there is one thing that can polish the room with one hand, it is a lamp. An example in this case? This brass pendant. It feels much smoother and more elegant than a table lamp and stands in contrast to the more traditional elements throughout the bedroom.

Make Some Bold Statement

This small corner is elegant, stylish and beautiful thanks to the modern leather chaise longue and graphic carpet. But this floor-to-ceiling lamp is an architecturally impressive element that creates an additional wow factor. Look for floor lamps that function as works of art for similar vibrations.

Re-arrange Your Furniture

Symmetry, who? Your chair and sofa don’t have to be arranged – you don’t have to have a chair. Place your side table in a corner, surrounded by two sofas, and if you don’t have enough chairs for a classic set, just put a pillow on the floor next to the coffee table.

Play with Proportion

This beautiful living room plays with shapes and sizes in many ways – every detail in its design offers a universe of inspiration. Hang a large mirror for extra impact and reasonable intrigue. Keep it simple and elegant, choose cool shapes or colours, or maintain classics with antiques.

Enjoy Interesting Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Happy birthday to you! Are you looking for fun ways to celebrate adult birthday parties should rival kid birthday parties, at least for the fun factor?  This is your party and you can cry if you want to. But with these many birthday party ideas for adults, you won’t need to. Let provide you with some serious inspiration. Here are the top ideas for the adult birthday party. Have fun, and remember that you’re never too old to pin the tail on the donkey. 

●        Young AF Cake Topper

               This glittery AF cake topper tells the world that you are still young! You’re not old yet.

●        Mimosa Bar

Had a Party suggests setting up your mimosa bar by assembling fresh fruit, delicious juices.                 

  • Funny Candy Station

                We spotted this clever candy decor to help you celebrate you’re a party for any age.

●        Taco Bar

               You don’t have to wait for Taco.

●        Donut Game

                You could easily do this as an adult at a birthday party. So much fun!

●        Backyard Brunch Birthday

               Looking for a birthday theme? Love brunching? Here’s another fun party idea you will love.

        Glam ping Party. With this fancy trail mix bar, you’re going to be asking for so more fun.

●        Adult Slumber Party

               This adult slumber party concept integrates Brit and Kits from Target.

●        Stranger Things Themed Party

               Integrating thoughtful details from the hit show Stranger Things which is a grateful party for fans of the show.

●        Party At Home

              Designed at-home is indulgent spa party that is as beautiful as the occasion being celebrated. Treat yourself! 

●        Cake Smash Photo Shoot

              Before your guests arrive, stage a photo shoot. You might have missed out on your first birthday party.

●        Brunch after Dark

             The Celebration Stylist suggests a brunch buffet to remember. Brunch it up with your best girls by enjoying a great food and getting older never tasted so great.

  • Creative Drink Serving Ideas

One great idea of fun ways is to serve drinks at your party like in a canoe, a wheelbarrow or even a planter.

       Every Birthday Party Ideas in Calgary for Adults has to be made of impulsive decisions, loud music, drinking, and dancing. Spending quality time relaxing in a spa and getting massages can be more appealing to certain people. If spending a night at the club and taking shots all night isn’t your scene.  

Dress Well and Look like a More Polished, Masculine You

Men want to dress better, but most styling advice revolves around suiting up or just around whatever’s trendy on current season. Everyone want to make the best first impression on people you meet in everyday life and mainly  just want to look good in your clothes without looking too flashy. Attractive quality in men is maturity which separates the men from the boy and it shows masculinity and respect that you want from others. Classy dress wearing doesn’t mean that you have to wear formal clothing. By incorporating classy elements into your everyday look leads to make your presence more classic. No matter what your personal style is, look for well-fitting, quality clothing. Casual dressy and styles are there to assemble a composed wonderful look. The right accessories can tie together to fit into your outfit. Normally, well-fitting clothing itself shows naturally make you look more stylish and attractive. Always buy clothes on well branded showroom which appear more elegant than cheap low prices. Choosing fabrics while buying dress is more important such as cotton, wool, leather, linen, and silk and try to avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester or rayon. Most people prefer classy trending styles that last for generations. Some classic styles are:

  • Slacks and skirts
  • Collared shirts
  • A-line clothes
  • Blazers
  • Jeans
  • Cardigans
  • Pullover sweaters
  • Horizontal stripes
  • Gingham
  • Paisley
  • Plaid
  • Argyle

Choosing colors can help your casual wardrobe appear more polished. It will help you to create many different outfits while still remaining classic and casual look. You can click here on classic look websites to get more information about how to dress well on colorful occasions. There are lots of accessories that can help you to show your signature piece. The trick behind love wearing provides a nice contrast with the stuff you normally wear like your usual dress shirt or casual shirt. Consider one or two iconic pieces except wrist in menswear stores such as:

  • Ties
  • Polka-dot bow ties
  • Tie accessories
  • Decorative folds
  • Jewelry
  • Colored pocket squares

Have Self-Confidence

Classy gentlemen must be polite and took a genuine interest in neighbors around them and make presence by his attitude and his grooming dress part. Before anything your attitude is the main style that shows your confidence behind everything. It is remembering force to recall you that you are and what you stand for. Appearance is good personality that shows your style of confidence in society’s system that what’s more acceptable.


We have all come across that person who walks alone on the street talking to himself. No, I am not referring to the mad man in tatters. I am talking about the decently dressed young man who is most probably carrying a briefcase. 99% of the time, they are talking on their phones using a Bluetooth enabled earbuds.

The need for better technology and technological advancement has given rise to various Bluetooth devices. In this article, we put our focus on Bluetooth earbuds.

Bluetooth earbuds are the biggest tech thing right now. The original ones are costly but you can get the best Airpod clones for a similar but cheaper experience.

Below are some of the advantages of investing in Bluetooth enabled Airpod clones.


This is the best thing about these Airpod replicas. They ensure that you are free to move around without cables being caught on something and being ripped from your ears accidentally.

They also enable easy storage. Earphones with cables often entangle themselves when stored and even when placed in the pockets.

Apart from these benefits, the earbuds come in handy for active people who exercise or have morning runs. They offer little or no restrictions while exercising, providing the best sports experience.

It is illegal to hold your phone and talk while driving. When caught, you risk possible fine and even jail time. The best thing about investing in Bluetooth Airpod clones is that you are able to easily talk while driving. For some earbuds, you can simple answer and decline calls by a click of the button.

The fact that they have no cables means that they consume less power and energy.


Bluetooth earbuds have great sound quality. They are built with a technology that balances the bass and mids. They also get rid of noises making your music listening experience unforgettable.

The only thing to do is just shop for the highest quality Airpod clones to get the best sound quality.


Investing in Bluetooth enabled earbuds makes one more productive. This is in the sense that you are able to multi-task while still on your phone. 

Take the case of a scenario where you are on a call and you are suddenly put on hold. Instead of sitting around with a phone stuck to your ear waiting, you could do a few chores here and there before returning to the call. You can, therefore, go about your daily routine with fewer restrictions.


Bluetooth enabled earbuds are not only restricted to just music players. There are a lot of Bluetooth devices that are compatible with it.

There are televisions that you can pair with the earbuds via Bluetooth this feature comes in handy when, for example, you are a parent with children asleep. You can watch your favorite television show without bothering them.

There are other benefits to owning Bluetooth enabled earbuds. They are less likely to get damaged, they are stylish and you can use them on phones that do not contain jack pins. If you opt to buy this device, do some research to get the best device that suits your specific needs.