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Five trends from London Fashion Week Men’s

From 1990s revivals to fresh tailoring, let’s take a quick look at some of the top menswear trends emerging from the Spring ’20 runways at London Fashion Week Men’s.


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A touch of formality

Menswear has been largely dominated by casual silhouettes for several seasons; however, the latest edition of London Fashion Week Men’s illustrates that the sartorial tides are finally shifting back towards tailoring. Many of the freshest designers on the scene have opted to take on tailoring this season, with the likes of Stefan Cooke, Eastwood Danso and Charles Jeffrey Loverboy refreshing the classic suit in innovative and exciting ways.

Elevated denim

Denim has officially been creatively crafted into a plethora of new looks; for example, E Tautz used denim to revive the smart short and Nicholas Daley demonstrated that matching denim overcoats and trousers are a cool combination for warm weather vibes. If you want denim to be your go-to spring material, you might like to know that the latest collection of mens Farah clothes contains a variety of easy-to-wear shirts, all of which will pair seamlessly with a range of denim delights.


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A palette of peppermint

Peppermint greens lend themselves to subtlety when worn in small doses; however, if attention-grabbing ensembles are more your style, head-to-toe tonal peppermint-hued combinations are certain to turn heads. Although primarily seen in streetwear and sports-luxe outfits, this fresh and crisp colour also works seamlessly within the realm of classic tailoring.

Pretty in pastel

Light lilacs, sherbet yellows, pale pinks and baby blues are making their mark on menswear this season. Adding a Farah shirt in a pastel hue is a simple way to integrate this trend into your everyday wardrobe. For a more eye-catching look, opt for an ensemble of tonal varieties of the same hue or mix and match different pastels for a fashion-forward look that will leave you looking as pretty as a picture and with an extra spring in your step.

The cargo revival

The classic 1990s cargo trouser is having another moment in the spotlight – and for good reason. From ultra-wide leg styles for maximum comfort to slightly more tailored offerings that blend the benefits of cargo and track pants, these wear-with-anything trousers are set to make a big impact. If practical fashion pleases you, the plethora of spacious pockets is certain to impress.

Can You Wear Black to a Wedding?

It’s a question you’ve no doubt asked yourself as wedding season looms and you’re not entirely confident in straying too far from your ‘all dark’ wardrobe staples. So if you’ve longed to pop on a trusty LBD for the next wedding in your diary, you’re in luck as the taboo on black dresses at weddings seems to be well and truly over, and there are a number of ways to wear it.


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Long and Floaty


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For a summer or destination wedding, the temptation and habit is to head straight for bright or pastel colours, but it can be not only acceptable but also positively elegant to go all black in one of your summer dresses. Keep it loose, long and flowing for a pretty boho look. According to Glamour, as long as when the breeze blows your skirt sways, you’re on the right track.

Go for Tailoring 

Not only do you not need to worry about wearing black to a wedding, you can shake it up with your choice of outfit too. Where we once might have stuck to dresses or skirts for the occasion, things in the form of jumpsuits, co-ords and suits are making much more of an appearance at weddings. Don’t feel like you can’t do both at once either, and keep in mind that Cara Delevigne turned up to not just any wedding but the royal wedding in a beautiful tailored black suit.

Winter Weddings 

There’s an all-black outfit to suit both summer and winter weddings. For a winter wedding, a dash of sequin or shimmer will add a festive feel to your look, or a tailored suit will be both stylish and practical for the weather.

Add Pattern

In summer, pick a dress with a pattern if you’re not quite ready to embrace the all-black look. There are plenty of options at, and whether it’s a check, polka dot or floral print, don’t be frightened of keeping the base black.

There are a number of ways to wear black for weddings and feel confident doing it. Remember that we’ve said goodbye to the days of huge fascinators, matchy-matchy accessories and the taboo of wearing black to a wedding. 

Just don’t turn up in a long white lace gown – that’s one rule that still applies.