The best Beat for the Right Models

Every year, some anti-thinness media campaigns are launched to prevent food behavior problems. The most affected band of all is pre-adolescent and adolescent, both male and female, although, in recent years, the age at which people begin to have a distorted perception of their body is drastically lowering. Already around 7-8 years old girls often complain of being “fat” and don’t like each other when they look in the mirror. There are scientific studies conducted on school-age girls who note that the most important feminine quality is beauty. These aspects must make us reflect above all on the influence that social models can have on the psyche of the youngest and on the consequences both short and long term. The use of the popular fashion models happens to be essential there.

The Generelization

There is no doubt that we cannot generalize, because adolescents are not all the same, but an important slice of them is always on a diet, following the feeding of celebrities, using drastic methods, inventing lethal mixtures such as drunk , or drinking without eating for weight loss or using slimming tablets without a prescription. All this because moved by an ideal of thinness as a synonym of beauty, as a synonym of personal security and affirmation at a social level, tended to be evaluated through social approval, with the number of likes. We live in a world influenced by fashion, by models, which generate new fashions and new trends, in which children recognize themselves and which they identify as criteria to follow. We are in a culture focused on healthy food, aesthetics, appearance, the emotional and personality aspect is less and less.

  • The teenager who is not fashionable is considered a loser and is isolated from the crowd. The social networks of celebrities are crowded with the little ones who follow their exploits because they have fame and popularity. Our culture is centered on a socially accepted model based on aesthetic aspects and this experiment is proof of this. The project is called ‚ÄúPerceptions of perfection” and has involved 18 countries around the world.
  • A photo of a girl in costume was sent to a series of female graphic designers who were asked to modify the photo with the Photoshop program based on their opinions, also in line with the canons of their country. The socio-cultural impact is immediately evident. In almost all countries the image has not been modified particularly, but simply adapted to the characteristic features of each individual country.

The Right Stops

We never deny ourselves with our completely distorted beauty standards. China and Italy have retouched that body to a level of excessive thinness, thus representing an ideal beauty that cannot be reached by most Italian women. We should reflect, this is our culture that is transmitted through all means of communication to children and adolescents in the most delicate stages of growth and structuring of their identity and can go on to negatively influence the development and perception of body image.

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